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                                                                      Joseph Sagel – Madison Elementary Principal


Dear Parents,                                                                   September 8th, 2021                                                                              


During P.E. classes on Tuesday, September 21st, Sgt. Lamendola from the Dixon Police Department will be giving the annual presentation on school safety in the event of an intruder or similar emergency to Madison students.  Sgt. Lamendola, using the ALICE training model, will be speaking to students at all our schools once again this year on this important topic.  ALICE, which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate is considered best practice within the law enforcement community for schools responding to a potential threat.  Presentations are specifically tailored to the ages and developmental needs of the students with elementary school presentations geared towards listening to teachers and basic safety in an emergency.  If you have any questions about the specific content of the presentation, you may contact Sgt. Lamendola at  If you are interested in opting your child out of the presentation, please contact your school office.  More information about ALICE training may be found at


Thank you.




Joey Sagel

Principal, Madison School