Madison Drop Off and Pick Up


1.       Student safety is our top priority.  Please set a good example and model safe ways to cross streets for students.

2.       The main p[ick up and drop off is near the blacktop area in the rear of the building before reaching the buses no earlier than 7:25.  Please use the angled spots along the fence that have been marked.  Students are to enter Door 16 and proceed to the gym or cafeteria for breakfast.  Teachers will pick up their classes at the designated spots in the gym at 7:45. At the end of the day (2:15), all students will be dismissed by their teacher at the blacktop (5th exits Door 21, 4th exits Door 16).       

3.       After picking up or dropping off, cars will follow the outside car lane safely around the buses.  

4.There is additional parking that parents may utilize when needed in the side lot with basketball hoops outside Door 11.

5.       Do not park in the handicapped parking without the proper permit displayed.

6.       Pick your child(ren) up at an established time and try to be punctual.  Please send a note to the teacher if you are changing your after school routine.  If we do not receive written notification of changes, we will follow the normal routine you have established for after school.  Any bus changes require 48 hours notice to ensure safety and security of students.  Students must ride the buses they are assigned.

7.       Visitor parking is available by the flag pole by Door 1 during the school day.  Door 1 is the designated entrance for visitors.  You will need picture ID or a visitor badge to gain access to the building.  Reusable badges may be obtained in the Madison School office after your picture ID is scanned.

8.       Vehicles may not be parked or located in the bus lanes at designated times or in fire lanes at any time.  Bus lanes and fire lanes are clearly marked.  Vehicles located in these locations may be ticketed and/or towed by the police.

9.       Drive slowly and obey the posted speed limit (10 m.p.h.)

10.     Thank you for your cooperation in keeping students safe!  In the first week of school, try to leave extra time as we all adjust to a new routine.  We appreciate your patience and will be operating smoothly and efficiently in no time!